Accepted papers

Long papers

Deploying a Cost-Effective and Production-Ready Deep News Recommender System in the Media Crisis Context

Jean-Philippe Corbeil and Florent Daudens

Debiasing Few-Shot Recommendation in Mobile Games

Lele Cao, Sahar Asadi, Matteo Biasielli and Michael Sjöberg

User Modeling and Churn Prediction in Over-the-top Media Services

Vineeth Rakesh, Ajith Pudiyavitil and Jaideep Chandrashekar

Incremental Graph of Sequential Interactions for Online Recommendation with Implicit Feedback

Murilo F. L. Schmitt and Eduardo J. Spinosa

Short papers

Recommending Accommodation Filters with Online Learning

Lucas Bernardi, Pablo Estevez, Matias Eidis and Eqbal Osama

HeroGRAPH: A Heterogeneous Graph Framework for Multi-Target Cross-Domain Recommendation

Qiang Cui

Combining Models for Better User Satisfaction in Video Recommendation

Josef Florian, Jakub Drdák, Radek Tomšů, Karel Koupil, Václav Blahut, Jaroslav Kuchař and Michal Řehoř

CPR: Collaborative Pairwise Ranking for Online List Recommendations

Saurabh Gupta, Bharathan Balaji and Runfei Luo