Accepted papers

Long papers

Optimal Delivery with Budget Constraint in E-Commerce Advertising

Chao Wei and Weiru Zhang

Incremental multi-dimensional recommender systems: co-factorization vs tensors

Miguel Sozinho Ramalho, João Vinagre, Alípio Jorge and Rafaela Bastos

Short papers

Search-Based Serving Architecture of Embeddings-Based Recommendations

Sonya Liberman, Ronny Lempel, Shaked Bar, Raphael Vannerom and Danny Resenstein

Personalized Push Notifications for News Recommendation

Babak Loni, Anne Schuth, Vasco Visser, Marlies van der Wees, Lucas de Haas and Jeroen Jansze

Fuzzy D’Hondt’s Algorithm for On-line Recommendations Aggregation

Ladislav Peska and Štěpán Balcar

Practical Lessons from Predicting New User Demographics for Ad Targeting

Musen Wen, Zhen Xia and Deepak Kumar Vasthimal